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Eurobank supports tourism, as the most valuable “exportable” industry of Greece, investing in it with a sense of responsibility and commitment. With a succession of initiatives in the last few years, it raises the country’s profile and fosters its development, recognizing Tourism as a key pillar in the Greek Economy.

Within this framework, it has developed a cooperation with Marketing Greece, for the implementation of a series of actions, specifically: a) common presence in major international Tourism exhibitions, aiming at the development of collaborations and the attraction of investors as well as b) a multi-faceted programme for the promotion and showcasing of selected tourist destinations in international target markets.

The aim of this programme is to reinforce the interest of incoming tourism to the selected tourist destinations of Lesvos, Halkidiki and Corfu, highlighting their beauty as well as the distinctive features which offer special travel experiences to many different types of tourists. Through the expected boost in numbers of incoming tourists to these destinations, Eurobank also aims at the reinforcement of their local economies, existing enterprises and any  resultant business initiative.

The Sponsored Programme for the promotion of Lesvos, Halkidiki and Corfu destinations includes:

  • Development and promotion of content regarding the destinations in 5 languages

  • Production and promotion of 9 films about the destinations

  • Promotion and Showcasing Programme on the web platform through all its promotional tools (Home Page, Newsletters, Blog, Articles)

  • Showcasing in the Online Member Community

  • Digital & social media campaign in target markets

  • Special Events in the destinations to inform the public and local entrepreneurs

  • Special journalistic missions aiming at generating positive publicity for the 3 destinations in international target markets.

At the same time, through its cooperation with Marketing Greece, Eurobank will create a programme for the support of local entrepreneurs, providing the opportunity to promote and showcase the destinations’ tourism enterprises on the web platform



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